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Russian for Foreigners

Studying Russian is more exciting that it may seem to be. It is learnt not only by its native speakers but also by foreigners.

For those studying Russian as a foreign language the crucial thing is an ability to communicate. Learning and mastering Russian is important to express your ideas accurately. And what do foreigners feel about learning Russian? Foreigners living in Russia and learning beginning Russian have interesting thoughts about it. They need the language to have a comfortable and rich life. It is important to understand Russian language from their first step here to orientate themselves in the city easily and without getting lost. Russian is hard to learn, but it is very beautiful and rich language. And the country itself is amazing. Foreigners do not feel that learning Russian to be able to discuss some every-day topics is enough. They are eager to know more about Russian traditions, holidays, history and geography. They seek to understand that “mysterious Russian soul”, which is described by Russian great authors. Reading Russian classical authors (A. Pushkin, F. Dostoevsky, L.Tolstoy) in Russian is the best way to see the beautiful richness of Russian language. While studying Russian foreigners have a chance to learn more about the country, its culture, literature, Russian theatre and to understand Russian mentality.

We offer:

1. Intensive Course (12 – 120 academic hours)

Immersion program: you will have 12 academic hours of Russian per one week. The course is aiming at quick acquiring of communicating skills in everyday and general business situations.

 2. General Course (90 – 120 academic hours)

This course is developed for a very wide audience who wants to study Russian.

Language aspects you will develop:

-          Functional/ sociocultural vocabulary for such communication situations as meetings, telephone talks; office, health, family, hobbies, holidays and etc.

-          Grammar

-          Basic Russian phonetics

What is more, you will learn how to apply your language knowledge in real-life situations.

We offer General Russian course and Russian for Special Purposes (which are useful if you have higher levels (A2-C2).


Vocabulary items

А1 - Breakthrough


А2 - Waystage


В1 - Threshold


В2 - Vantage


С1 - Effective operational proficiency


С2 – Mastery



After finishing a course student may pass an exam to get a State Certificate which confirms his level. Levels cover major skills such as reading, writing, vocabulary (grammar), listening (an ability to understand oral speech and students’ communicative skills).

3. Russian for Special Purposes (64-90 academic hours)

The program is specialized on improving  professional language skills in a particular sphere  (hotels and tourism, medicine, business, economy) or work on a certain aspect of language (speaking, Russian grammar, writing, e.g.  Business letters)

These courses extend the basic knowledge of Russian language and improve your communication skills in professional communication. Vocabulary and grammar, oral and written texts are also thematically orientated.

During this course students learn:

∙ how to communicate in situations of professional situations, and how to distinguish styles of speech;

∙ how to discuss the social topics;

∙ read and understand authentic texts;

∙ understand the oral speech;

∙ use the basic grammatical structures

In your intensive, individual or group course with our teacher, the subtleties of Russian become clear for you!

1 academic hour lasts for 45 minutes.



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